HK Children Music Competition

HK Children Music Recital

Apr 8th, 2018 (Sun.)
Register at 2:00pm
Perform at 2:30pm
#Please on time
Apr 8th, 2018 (Sun.)
Register at 2:00pm
Perform at 2:30pm
#Any candidates age 3 shall apply at the register at 3pm


Apr 8th, 2018 (Sunday)

*Children with ONE accompanying adult only*
Otherwise, extra $80 dollars charge for each parent who wants to sit within the competition hall.

Address of Venue:

Hong Kong Cultural Centre CR1

HK Children Music Competition


1. Piano
2. Singing

Piano Competition
*For one song only*
Preliminary to Grade 1:
HK$ 380
Grade 2 to Grade 4:
HK$ 420
Grade 5 to Grade 8:
HK$ 480
Singing Competition: 
*For one song only*
K1 to P3
HK$ 280
P1 to P6
HK$ 380

HK Children Music Recital

1. Piano
HK$ 250
2. Violin
HK$ 250
3. Singing
HK$ 250

Enrollment Procedures:
  1. Due on or before Apr 1st, 2018

  2. Please send a cross cheque to the following address below:

    ABC Music Limited
    Room D, 5th Floor, Prosperous Commercial Building, 54 Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay.

    Cheque's Title:
    ABC Music Limited

    Back of Cheque:
    Competitor's Name, Age, Category and Phone Number

    OR send deposit to ABC's Hang Seng Account: 364-235549-001

    Once deposited, please email us at with receipt and information of candidate.

  3. Once we have received the entry fee & enrollment form, we will give you a reference number that MUST be kept until the END of the competition.

  4. Candidate's can choose their own piece but must write in the enrollment form given above.

Competition Rules
  1. ABC Music Limited has the right to change information such as requirements, details, time and venue regarding the Music Competition. Please check the website at all times to see if there are any changes.

  2. It will not be our responsibility if candidates can not attend the competition. NO show, NO make up.

  3. Candidates must bring the following: (a) Reference Number (b) ID/School ID/Hong Kong ID/Passport with Photo. No copies are allowed.

  4. During the competition, the Judges have the right to stop the candidate from playing if satisfied with performance in order to proceed to the next candidate.

  5. ABC Music Limited will provide a reference number, time, the line-up and instructions to proceed to the registration area. Please arrive 15 minutes before registration. If you're late than 15 minutes, then the candidate's performance will be cancelled.

  6. All candidates, parents, teachers, judges, etc must not intrude other participant's performance. If you intrude other performances, you will be asked to leave the venue or will cancel the competition

Important Information:
  1. All candidates must bring hard copies to the competition. No photocopies are allowed at the competition or else their performance will be cancelled. 

  2. All candidates' information must be stated true. If given information are false, then their performance will be cancelled.
  3. If candidates cancel their enrollment before the competition: (such as Government suspension due to weather, broke syllabus rule, wrong piece for competition, illness, personal reasons and other school activities) there will be no refund. Only refunds are being made if there are no space for enrollment due to first come first serve applications.

  4. Once enrollments are submitted, you will receive the confirmation of venue and line-up order by e-mail or letter. Candidates must not object to the given information by ABC Music Limited.

  5. Candidate's must not switch with anyone for false identity to present at the competition or else consequences will be made.

  6. A week before the competition, Candidates will receive more details regarding the competition via e-mail or WhatsApp. (All must provide the correct contact information or must check the site regularly)

  7. ABC Music Limited has the right to change the given information or rules of the Music Competition, you are advised to check the website regularly.

  8. HK$50 will be charged if need to amend information of application form.
Rules of the Competition Venue:
  1. Please do not take photo, video, eat, drink or talk during the competition.

  2. We have set all the candidates seating arranged. If there are no space for parents or teachers, different seating arrangements will be made.

  3. If there are not enough space for the competition, decisions will be made by the organizers or the department of the venue.
  4. Only candidates are allowed in the competition area, unless under six years old are allowed to be accompanied by parent.

  5. Candidates are not allowed to practice in the competition area.

  6. Inside the competition hall, no one is allowed to move the furniture around.
Weather Conditions:
  1. If there is a Rainstorm Black Warning Signal or Typhoon Signal No. 8 (or above) two hours before the competition commences, the competition will be cancelled.

  2. Please visit our website about the make up arrangement.

Winner List (Last term)

Preliminary & Grade 1
Lo Sum Yi, Abby
2nd Place
Ng Cheuk Ying
2nd Place
Chan Lok Yee
3rd Place
Lam Cheuk Tung Violet
3rd Place
Ng Valens
Grade 2、3 、4
Choi King Him
2nd Place
Chow Choi Ching
2nd Place
Hui Athena
3rd Place
Chan Pui Yee, Pearl

Grade 5、6、7、8
So Ho Ming
2nd Place
Rachel Lui
3rd Place
Lai King Wai
Excellence Award
Shiu Tin Ho, Xavier
Cheung Tsz Chin
Marrti Leung
Chan Lok Sum
Ng Ka Yee, Kelly
Tam Pok Him
Hui Wing Kiu
Yeung Hoi Kiu
Wong Chi Kin
Joe Maximilian Shu
Leung Hoi Ching, Sophie
Lo Sum Yi, Abby
Wong Chi Kin
Lo Lok Yi, Emmy
Wong Sam Yee, Sammie
Chen Wing Yin
Lee Hoi Ching
Yeung Ying Ki
Hung Wing Hey
Lo Lok Yi, Emmy
Tan Sze Tung, Audrey
Tin Wing Ching
Yeung Ho Lam
Hung Wing Hei
Hui Yi Ling
Pan Ziqing
Tam Sui Wing Rain
Ian Wong
Lai Ki Pong
Tsui Wing Tung
Choi Yan Tung