Pre-nursery in Causeway Bay
Develop Confidence and Independence ( 2 hours )
One day a week - $1,380 per month
Two days a week - $2,300 per month
Three days a week - $2,900 per month


  • 15 months and above


  • Prepare your child for their next step to kindergarten.
  • To help develop children’s self-esteem, self-confidence and independent skills
  • Teach children proper classroom manners and etiquette such as sharing, taking turns and class routine
  • To enhance language development as well as fine and gross motor skills. .
  • Develop their interest in learning English through play-based learning with songs, games and activities

1 hour of English

  • Learn about the days of the week, the weather and go through classmate roll call.
  • Enjoy a new theme each class
  • Develop their language skills with songs, games and activities
  • New vocabulary is introduced each class
  • Have fun learning to say and listen to Phonetic sounds (Letterland)
  • Have lots of fun with our arts and crafts
  • Story time

15 mins of Break

  • Learning to tidy up after eating
  • Learning to be courteous and proper table manners

45 mins of Music

  • Keyboard techniques, musical instruments
  • Singing and rhythmic activities to lay a strong foundation


Our students has entered into the following kindergarten in 2015:

St. Catherine's International Kindergarten 

York English Primary School & Kindergarten (Kowloon Tong) 

Victoria Kindergarten

Yew Chung International Children’s House 

Kentville Kindergarten

Kiangsu & Chekiang