When in the classroom we politely request that all accompanying adults observe the following guidelines set out to ensure a loving and stimulating environment where students can learn and play happily:

Please read and retain for your records

  1. Registration
    • A non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee of HK$250 per student is required for the first time enrollment.

  2. Classroom Rules
    • All accompanying adults must wear socks and please take off shoes when entering classroom.
    • To maintain a healthy environment, please thoroughty wash your hands with liquid soap before attending classes.
    • Only one parent or caregiver is allowed to be in class with child for Child-Parent sessions.
      Otherwise, extra $30 dollars will be charged each time for every parent who sits in the classroom.
    • No parent or caregiver is allowed to be in class with child for Independent sessions.
    • No siblings are allowed in the class.
    • No food or drinks is allowed during class.
    • Video or sound recordings are strictly prohibited.
    • Please turn all moble devices to silent mode before entering the class.
    • Please look after all classroom materials and products. Any damages caused will be responsible by the parents and full replacement cost may be charged.

  3. Disclaimers
    • ABC Music HK is NOT responsible for any damage, theft, loss, illness, accident, injury, death or sickness before, during and after classes or parties.
    • Parents shall take care of their children (students) and their belongings during class or during any activities in our school.
    • ABC Music HK is not liable for any claims, liabilities, damages (actual or indirect) of any kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected or otherwise, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of any dispute between the teacher on the one part and the
      parent or student on the other part or any dispute arising from the service provided or related to its provision.

  4. Health Precautions
    • If a student or parent develops symptoms of illness, please do not attend classes.

  5. Make Up Class

    • For all the courses, cancellation of classes will be limited to one class per calendar month.
    • All make up classes will only be scheduled within the semester or month on a first-come first-served basis.
    • Once confirmed, the make-up class cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.
    • Once confirmed, no time changes is allowed for all trial classes.
    • Parents and students are required to attend class on time; no make-up classes will be arranged due to late attendance.
    • ABC Music HK may arrange a substitute teacher in the case of an absent teacher and classes will be continued as scheduled.
    • No make up class will be arranged for the Wonder Music, discounted playgroup and Pre-Nursery.
    • No make up class will be arranged for the Pre-Nursery playgroup on public holidays.
    • Make up class will not be allowed unless with a medical certificate of missed class or 4 office hours prior notice to the class during office hour (10:30am to 7:00pm). If advance notice is not given, the missed class(es) will be forfeited.
    • All the classes or events when the person or parents who elected not to select or attend the available class for a period of 2 consecutive months, the paid fee for the designated class shall be forfeit.
    • Notwithstanding anything state in other part of this Terms & Conditions, for any advance notice or message from the student to the Centre ('Message'), including but not limited to the absent from teaching class, the Message must be received by the Centre as it opens and 4 Business Hours before the class starting time. Otherwise, make up class shall not be provided.
    • The above 4 business hours advance notice requirement shall not apply for the student who can provide medicate certificate but could not attend the class as a result of their illness.

  6. Tuition Fee

    • Please check with ABC Music HK regarding the latest fees.
    • For student joining a class in mid-month (i.e. less than 2 classes remaining), the fees will be pro-rated based on
      4 classes per month.
    • Deposit minimum HKD500, balance must be paid within 7 days.
    • Alll tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Once confirmed, can not transfer to the other classes.

  7. Rights of ABC Music HK

    • ABC Music HK reserves all rights to use photos, videos or sound recordings of children at our school for internal training and
      external promotion purposes. Notification in writing mus be given if guardians do not give consent for such purpose.
    • ABC Music HK reserves the right to make all final decisions on any changes to class schedules, fees and policies without prior

  8. Weather Conditions

    • If there is a Rainstorm ‘Red/Black’ Warning Signal or Typhoon Signal No. 3 (or above) two hours before classes commence,
      all classes will be cancelled.
    • If Rainstorm ‘Red/Black’ Warning Signal or Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above has been lowered/cancelled, classes will resume
      two hours after the cancellation of warning, as annouced by the Education Department Bureau (EDB).
    • All the above arrangement shall be subjected to final decision and announcement givien by the EDB.
    • As per the Hong Kong Government's recommendations for kindergartens. We regret that no make-up classes will be
      arranged for these enforced closures.
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